Saturday, December 11, 2010

[A] A Blog That's Not Mine

            Today, we’re looking at a new blog that’s not mine.  Or rather -

A New Blog That’s Not Mine

- since that’s actually the title of the blog.  A New Blog (that’s what we’ll call it for short) is more or less a parody of Slenderblogs in general, the largest and most obvious parody being the title.  If you’re one of the few peope who doesn’t get it, allow me to completely ruin the joke by explaining it: it’s poking fun at people who “find” a blog that’s “totally not theirs” and they “just thought this forum (usually the Unfiction forums) would be interested in it.”  Now I have to admit that I shamelessly plugged my blog that way, but hey, at least I promoted another blog as well.

            Now, before we launch into the blog itself, a bit of semi-off-topic advice.  Plugging your blog on Unfiction isn’t exactly the best way to get your Slenderblog views.  The best way is to go to Unfiction and read the other blogs being plugged.  Read those blogs, and then comment on them.  Let me just say that I’ve gotten way more views from people reading my comments on other blogs than I have from Unfiction.  This is a mistake the uninitiated make—and the mistake that Aaron, our author, is parodying. 

            So, onto the blog itself.  One of the most amusing features of this blog is how much the author plays dumb.  He has “never heard of ‘EMH’ or ‘Marblehornets,’” so he clearly has no idea what’s going on.  Certainly no one else has experienced this before!

            Aaron covers, in his first few points, the major Slenderblog clichés.  He’s obviously starting off too fast, mentioning the Slender Man in the first post (of course, he has absolutely no idea who that is, naturally).  On top of that, he has weird dreams, experiences static, visits a playground, emphasizes trees, finds notes with cryptic poetry/“code,” and types out a post he doesn’t remember typing, all within just three updates.  He backs off a bit after that, not introducing a totheark clone (strangely, no one seems to think too hard about that mask he’s wearing, or the Operator Symbols he’s filled a crossword puzzle with) until the sixth post.  This mysterious masked man also seems to have taken some sort of interest in Aaron’s girlfriend…hmm….  Anyway, the only thing he’s really missed so far is the name.  “Aaron” just doesn’t sound like the name of a Slenderblogger.  Something pretentious would be way better.

            Overall, the blog is quite entertaining, though it does suffer from a few problems.  The main one is pacing.  While he manages to work in so many clichés so soon, that’s also part of the problem—he works them in too soon.  It’s already fairly evident that he’s almost out of material.  On the other hand, many blogs do everything Aaron did, and seriously, too.  If it’s those types of blogs he’s parodying, he’ll either have a bunch of filler and keep upping the scales (that’s probably how the super-powered blogs started in the first place) or just burn out with nothing else to do, either throwing together a hurried “oh god hes after me” or just not updating anymore.  Since everyone loves a good parody, I’m hoping it’s the former.

            The comedy is actually probably the biggest strength and weakness of this blog.  It’s really a make-or-break thing.  People have different tastes when it comes to comedy.  For example, I personally don’t understand why so many people love Family Guy when I personally find it crass, repetitive, preachy, and bland (with, admittedly, an occasional comedic gem).  Anyway, the blog’s comedy.  It consists mostly of him faking being oblivious to everything that’s going on and boasting about how he’s totally not scared.  It’s all quite silly, and silly just isn’t what some people are looking for in humor.  However, it’s still short right now, so it’s definitely worth at least checking out.  If you don’t like it, no big loss of time.  If you do, well, you’ve got a new blog to watch.

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