Sunday, November 21, 2010

[A] Make It Count

Welcome to the Slendy Review! I, your current host (I am not sure is "Boss" wants us to say who we are...... what? Maybe he likes privacy. D: ), am here to bring us our first Review. This little gem is possibly overlooked, as it does not seem to be getting a lot of attention on the UnForums. Now whether that is because no one really has anything to say or whether people just don't give it a chance because of other lesser blogs, I don't really know. However, I am here to give my completely unbiased review of....

Make It Count


-Main Character:
-Main Character's Friend:


Make It Count is a Slenderblog that I believe is very well-written (it better be, the main character is a journalist!). It follows the life of Celeste McLachlan, a young up-and-coming journalist, with appearances by her two friends, Rose and Violet. That's right, dear readers, our protagonists are -GASP- female!!!! Actually, many of you have been complaining that there aren't enough female main characters, and so, months before people complained, this blog drove into Slender territory.


Our main character is Celeste McLachlan, or Celie (SEELY) for short. A journalist from Baltimore, Maryland, she notices that her friend has been acting... odd, lately...

That friend is Rose, her "hetero soulmate" she has known for six years. Lately, she seems distracted..

And there is Violet, "artistic" one who is always there to help!

Okay, I'm no good at character descriptions.. However, each character does seem very believable and you actually want to care about them!


Their SlenderMan isn't seen much, except for a couple of times. However, you definitely see the effects that he has on Celie and everyone around her, even culminating in..... well, I don't want to reveal the story. However, I do think that Make It Count is definitely worth a read with, as I said, believable characters and well-written posts. Start with the first post, here:

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  1. Well i have recently gained an interested in all the slenderman/operator stuff after i watched the Marble Hornets videos so yeahh i decided to create my own blog which i need you people to check out for me :') so if you do bare in mind i only just started it so theres not much to it atm, but anyway let me know what you think :)