Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[OT] The Premise + TAGS

Okay, I had a huge post typed up, but then I realized: I really don't have the authority to toot my own horn so much when it comes to writing. So I'm going to summarize a little.

There's a whole load of Slendy Stories going around.

We're going to try and objectively rate them. Why? Because it's getting bloody ridiculous sifting through them all.

I can't do this alone, because, as a firm believer in democracy, or at the very least, a dictatorship of peers, I don't think my words should be so heavily weighted, so I'm calling on anyone who reckons they'd make a decent enough reviewer to come give me a hand. Preferably fun people, who can criticize without being absolutely heartless. Well, maybe a bit heartless if it's REALLY bad.

Anyhow, hello, and stay tuned!

~ Sol

EDIT: 9.12.10

We have now decided to not only review the good blogs, but also, the less good. I don't want to make this just a bitch-fest, because that's not enjoyable, so we will still be looking at what is done right as much as possible.

However, to make it easier for you to read reviews about what you want, I will be implementing a title tagging system. So if you want more reccomendations, just go for that. If you want to read about the godawful blogs...well, they're here.

Anyhow, the system:

[OT] = Off Topic. Not a review at all.
[A] = Reccomended. Read these blogs.
[S] = Classic. You probably HAVE read these blogs.
[C] = Not reccomended. Possibly some good points, but needs improvement.
[F] = Awful. Really bad. No redeeming factors. Read if you lost a bet, or have a sick fascination with failure.


  1. Hey there.

    I really like your idea of reviewing Slederstories, especially since nowadays the most of them are introduced by "guests" *coughauthorscough*, who don't tell you anything but "hai guyz! i think dis is slender man lol.".
    I can try to help with reviewing, but I don't have too much time for it. so maybe one short review per week or so. Aaaand.. I'm german, and I tend to fuck up grammar *g* So you'd maybe have to correct my reviews.

    I'm Snippet on unfiction forums, famous (nah, not really) creator of the caramelldansing SM *g*

    Feel free to contact me over there per PN. I'll see what I can do.

  2. *gasp* You made the caramelldansing Slenderman? You're a legend! You may hear from me soon. :D

  3. This is an interesting premise. I'll definitely stay tuned.

  4. i thought this was encyclopedia slenderia