Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[A] Observe and Terminate

A short one today. This is one of those blogs that just needs to be read to be believed. I won't spoil too much of its beauty. A warning before you get into it, though: This blog is not for the serious horror fan. Anything but.

Observe and Terminate

This is currently, what I would call the biggest leap from the hallmarks of the genre. It has completely done away with the whole Lovecraftian cosmic horror that most blogs go with, in favor of an expanded premise, unbelievable technology, and unfitting dialogue. All in all, it feels like it should be a videogame rather than a blog, but I, personally, forgive it these 'flaws', just because it manages to pull them off so goddamn WELL. I guess if I was to define it, this would unmistakably be an action blog; combining its solid core concept with a certain amount of wit and charm that you really wouldn't expect from a bunch of army dudes who sit around playing Fallout: New Vegas all day.

PLOT: The core concept of this was what drew me to it in the first place: It originally revolved around the character Nightcrawler, who was the commanding officer of an elite cadre of...I believe freelance soldiers, who are trying to eliminate the Slender Man threat once and for all. While this premise seems a little far-fetched, it has some decent grounding in many of the original SomethingAwful short-stories on Slender Man; Victor Surge wrote about an "Anti-S Walker" unit in some of his early posts, way before Slendy had his...considerable mythos fleshed out.

The method by which Nightcrawler's unit eliminates Slender Man (at the start of the story, that is) was very clever; due to him being created entirely by thought processes (through the Tulpa effect), the way to 'stop him feeding', so to speak, would be to kill off all the people who believe in him (who they call Runners). In addition to the Runners, there are also the Indoctrinated, who are an analogy for the Slenderpuppets of the other blogs/vlogs.

There have been multiple new characters introduced, and Nightcrawler has taken a bit of a backseat; however, I won't spoil much more of this fantastic series for you. I suggest you all do take a look at it; particularly if you're the videogaming, 16-28 year old male demographic which these guys seem to be catering to. Even if you're not, however, I suggest you check it out; it's a fresh new take on the series. Don't expect to be scared, but damn, it is VERY entertaining.

~ Sol

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